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Euphorian Era: Awakening

Do you ever wonder why humans have to suffer such hardships—why some of us are dealt heavier hands than others? What if you discovered that the harder the obstacles in your life, the greater your destiny is? That’s what happened for college student, twenty-two-year-old Vencin Marcusi…

His mind expands to greater heights when he discovers the utopian realm of Etherion, grouping with seven other young adults brought from different countries around the world. Together they must start a new era—with Vencin as their leader—to awaken the human race, free us from what truly enslaves our species, and unlock the immortal beings we are all destined to be.

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Sabrina &
Michael Estafo

Michael Estafo and Sabrina Estafo are sibling authors who mostly like working on stories together, but also have tons of their own! The most important things to them is keeping their stories original, opening minds, allowing an escape, showing powerful themes and lessons, and tapping into all the emotions. Michael and Sabrina are night owls, so it isn’t uncommon to see their bedroom lights on up until the morning — they can’t help when their creativity sparks!

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Estafo Books